Routine Care

We encourage our patients to attend routine examinations as recommended by their dentist.

At a routine dental check up, your dentist will check the health of your teeth, gums and soft tissues, including oral cancer screening. Your dentist may need to take x-rays of your teeth.

Each time you attend a routine examination your dentist will assess how often you will need to be seen, this can vary from every three months to once every two years.

To help you spread the cost of routine care we offer care plans that include the cost of examinations and x-rays.

We welcome new patients who  are looking for a General Dentist, please contact the practice to book in a New Patient Examination today.

Hygienist Appointment

Your dentist may recommend having routine hygiene visits with our dental hygienist. Our hygienist Tracey focuses on preventing and treating gum disease and promoting good oral health.

During your hygiene appointment, your hygienist will carry out a health examinations of your gums, which may include taking measurements and assessing for signs of bleeding and inflammation.

Following examination, a thorough clean will be carried out to remove tartar/calculus build up.

If gum disease has progressed beyond the early stages to a condition known as periodontal disease, a hygienist can remove deep tartar from the root surface. This is known as root planing (or debridement) this  involves deeper cleaning under the gum line.

During your hygienist visit, Tracey will recommended the best way to look after your teeth and gums.