Children’s Dentistry

A frequent question we get asked is what age should we start bringing our children to the dentist?

The answer- Straight away! It’s important to us to start building a relationship with our children patients. We encourage patients to bring their children along with them to their check up appointments to set an example and get the children use to the environment. So please get them registered and bring them along, even if it just to brush our dragons teeth!

We believe that prevention is the best policy when in comes to children’s teeth which is why each visit we will give you the best diet advice and tooth brushing advice to implement at home. At the age of 3+ we will apply fluoride varnish to your child’s teeth to give them an extra boost.

Each time your child has a successful examination they will be rewarded with one of our finest stickers.

We hope that we will never have to treat your child from tooth decay. However, our rule is to communicate using child friendly language in a way each child will understand as is happy with.